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    Our school library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas. It boasts of more than thirteen thousand books ranging from fiction, reference and non-reference to religious and spiritual guides. There is a constantly updated and ever increasing fiction section spanning over several racks which convert even the reluctant readers into bookworms. These books feed the imagination and creativity of the students and transport them to different worlds free of cost as and when they desire. The library also contains a well stocked section for the teachers and staff which include a good collection of books in Malayalam and Hindi penned by famous authors. Apart from the books there are more than thirty magazines ranging from entrance oriented, subject-wise and IT magazines to the ones for entertainment. The library also has a separate section for new arrivals. There is a creative corner with two white boards to be filled with the ideas and views of students on any important occasion or topic of discussion. Moreover the students are asked to write reviews for the books they read and the best reviews are rewarded and are displayed on a huge bulletin board kept just outside the library. This practice further encourages the students to hone their writing skills. In short the library succeeds in attending to every whim of its diverse visitors, keeps them entertained and leaves them thirsting for more. Faculty in charge: Ms.Sheeba Satheesh- M.A.,B.Lisc

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