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About Us

“Education serves to remould & recast our future through the children. We must supply them with the vision & prepare them to lead & guide the world of tomorrow.”

-Swami Chinmayananda

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is named after the great scholar and visionary Swami Chinmayananda. The school is a school with a difference that provides an education that is a judicious mix of Indian culture and values in liberal educational system. Our faculty is proud to expose the children to varied activities and ensure their all round development. The facilities available will lead to a holistic growth.

Explore the details to discover the wonderful world of learning with fun and frolic, physical and mental development and the training given to equip your children to face tomorrow’s challenges!

Mission of the School

  • We care for environment.
  • We learn and grow.
  • We teach each other.


  • Freedom to experiment & innovate.
  • Emphasis on learning & development
  • Value education through Geetha- a way of life
Guided by CVP (Chinmaya Vision Programme)

Integrated development of the child

  • Physical development
  • Intellectual & mental development
  • Spiritual development

Cultural development

Respect, appreciation and interest and involvement in
  • Cultural heritage & traditions
  • Spic-Macay
  • Celebrations of all the festivals
  • Intra and Inter school Competitions


  • Unity in diversity
  • Celebrating regional/cultural festivals
  • Highlighting India’s achievements in various fields earlier & today
  • Observing plays or a week in link with the projects and awareness campaigns of the current national scenario.

Universal outlook

  • “Vasudaivakudumbakam” Exposure to other cultures without bias
  • Joy of giving.
  • MUN-Model United Nations
Best Practices of the school


  • Distributed leadership
  • Transparency in procedures
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility


  • Organizational hierarchy is maintained
  • Teacher’s involvement
  • Student’s council
  • Dynamic workforce ever willing to adapt and practice new ideas.
  • Celebrating students’ excellence


  • Intra and Inter school cultural fest
  • Yoga & Meditation for all students
  • Fine arts classes incorporated into the curriculum
  • Regular sports and coaching for various games.


  • Fostering investigation , problem solving skills, soft skills & scientific temper-
  • Encouraging student innovation


  • Teacher Empowerment Programmes
  • Strategies that engage the students, and kindle their interest
  • Technology supported teaching, learning & evaluationt

Leadership & Vision of the Management

  • Follows ideals & vision of PujyaGurudev
  • Participatory style of working
  • Futuristic vision inclusive of 21st century skills 4Cs-Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity.
  • Adherence to secular education

Unique practice of the school

  • Value of service
  • Help for the needy.
  • Activities along with ishare- an NGO
  • Orupidiari (- a handfull of rice)

Impact on society

  • Alumini spread all over the world as productive global citizens
  • Ex-students have started NGO’s concentrating on service activities
  • Transforming students to be agents of change - socially responsible self directed citizens of tomorrow

School Timings : 7.45 am to 1.30 pm