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04 Aug 2018

icon   Posted Date : Aug 06 , 2018

The 25th anniversary of the Maha Samadhi of Pujya Gurudev was observed with deep reverence as Aradhana Day on 3.8.2018. The programme started with prayer invoking the blessings of Lord Rama with the rendering of the Sanskrit verse that contains the essence of Ramayana. This was followed by a speech by a teacher, Ms.Girija K, who explained why the day is being observed as Aradhana day. The importance of Swadhyaya to hasten one's progress in the spiritual journey was also emphasized. The need for delving deep  into the  Chinmaya Mission pledge to gather the richness of wisdom contained in it to ensure success in all walks of life, both for students and elders was highlighted in the speech. This was followed by Guru Bhajans, Thapovana Sharman and Chinmaya Ashtotharashatha Namavali. The chanting of Namavali was led by Ms. Reshmi Sunil and while the flowers were offered at the Guru Padukas, children repeated the chants.Ms.Manju Ann Abraham addressed the audience on a Cleanliness campaign initiated on the Sadhana Day in alliance with the Swatch Bharath  Abhiyan. The cleanliness drive has been conceived of in such a way to show the mission's allegiance to projects imbued with patriotic fervour and to give an opportunity for the students to project their national aspirations. The morning session came to an end with Chinmaya Arathi and Prasad distribution. A seminar cum poet point presentation was conducted in the conference hall for class 8 and 9 students on the topic. The contributions of  Pujya Gurudev to Indian culture, spirituality and education. There was enthusiastic participation of the students whose wholehearted involvement added to the sanctity of the day. In the last period,all the classrooms resonated with the thunderous message of Gurudev on environmental conservation when his address at the United Nations was shown on the smart board. Another video clip was on patriotism which was well received by the students.

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